CSCS Revision

The CSCS card is something you must have if you want to work in the construction industry. As you probably know you can get your CSCS card if you pass the associated CSCS test. But this test can be tricky for some to pass, so what is there to do to make it easier?

This is when CSCS revision comes into play. By preparing yourself for the test you stand a much better chance of passing it. All you have to do is to practise and practise a lot.

The best way of CSCS revision is with the help of past test questions and answers. You can find these here on this website. Make sure to read them all and try to answer them yourself. This is a good CSCS revision.

The other way to practise is with the help of mock tests which can be found on this very page you are on.. Practising with mock tests for the CSCS test is excellent revision since the mock test is exactly the same as the real test.

Hopefully these tips for CSCS revision will help you achieve your goal of getting a CSCS card.

cscs revision
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