20 Questions with Answers for operatives and labourers

These are questions with answers based on real cscs test questions. To make the most of this resource, try to answer the questions on your own without any aid. Once completed check your results against the answers provided on the last page.

1. Which of these types fire extinguishers are most suitable for use on a electrical fire?
a. CO2 and dry powder
b. CO2 and water
c. CO2 and foam
d. Foam and dry powder

2. Why is it so important to sign in whenever you are on site?
a. To ensure you are working the correct hour's
b. To ensure you are accounted for in the event of an evacuation
c. The HSE needs to record your working hours
d. Signing in is optional and not compulsory

3. What should you do if you find a safety hazard but no one else has noticed it?
a. Stay away from the area
b. Report the problem to your supervisor straight away
c. Keep on working and report the issue at the end of your shift
d. Report it to your colleagues and tell them to stay away from that area

4. When you are working in a hearing protection zone you must always?
a. Be as quiet as possible
b. Not use any loud equipment
c. Ensure you are always wearing your hearing protection
d. Works as fast as possible and then leave in order to reduce the noise level

5. Class 3 ladders are suitable for?
a. Heavy duty and industrial purposes
b. Domestic use
c. Both
d. Building site purposes

6. Why are site inductions important?
a. The work site health and safety rules are discusses during the site induction
b. It gives you the chance to meet your colleague's
c. It allows you to have a look around the site
d. It gives you the chance to meet the site managers and supervisors

7. Protective mid-soles on your footwear are used to?
a. Increase the comfort throughout the day
b. Support your ankles and prevent them from twisting
c. Protect your feet from falling objects
d. Protect your feet if your step on to a nail or other sharp objects

8. When does your employer need to provide a first aid box?
a. When he total number of employees exceeds 10
b. When he total number of employees exceeds 35
c. Every work site should be equipped with a first aid box regardless of the number of employees working
d. First aid boxes are provided at the company's discretion and they are not compulsory

9. Why is it important to keep your working environment clean and tidy?
a. To stop rats and other animals from spreading diseases
b. To reduce the risk of trips, slips and falls
c. To reduce environmental side effect
d. All of the above

10. If RPE is needed for a task but you cannot find it what should you do?
a. Carry on with the task and ask your supervisor when he next comes along
b. Carry on with the task and take breaks at regular intervals
c. Create a temporary mask with a towel or rag
d. Wait until you get the correct RPE before starting the work

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