20 Questions with Answers for operatives and labourers

11. To help prevent rats on the work site, what should every person do?
a. Bring a large cat to site.
b. Buy rat traps and put them round site.
c. They should not leave bit of food lying around the work site.
d. Ask the local authority to put down rat poison.

12. If you breathe in asbestos dust it can cause what?
a. Painful joints.
b. Lung Disease.
c. Aching muscles.
d. Influenza.

13. The PAT test label on a power tool tells you what?
a. When the tool was made.
b. Who tested the tool before it left the factory.
c. When the next safety check is due.
d. It is earth-loop impedance.

14. You are walking across the site, which is the best way to avoid having and accident with plant vehicles?
a. Make sure you have the attention of the plant driver before you become to close to it.
b. Keep to the pedestrian routes.
c. Make sure you are wearing high-vis clothing.
d. All of the above

15. If you or a co-worker decides to go to a pub at lunch time and they have a couple of beers. What should the do next?
a. They must not return to the work site for the rest of the day.
b. Stay away for and hour and then go back to work.
c. Drink plenty of strong coffee then go back to work.
d. Eat something, wait for 30 minutes then go back to work.

16. You are using an electric drill when it cuts out, how should you proceed?
a. Pull the electric cable to see if it is loose.
b. Shake it to see if it will start again.
c. Switch off the power and look for signs of damage.
d. Switch the power off and on a few times.

17. You are walking across the site when a mobile crane backs up across you. What will you need to do?
a. Start to run so that you can pass behind the crane.
b. Help the driver to back up.
c. Wait or find another way around the crane.
d. Pass close to the front of the crane.

18. You should not just rely on barrier cream to protect your skin from harmful substances because?
a. It can be hard to wash of your hands.
b. It is known to irritate skin.
c. It costs too much to use every day.
d. Many harmful substances go straight through it.

19. If your hands get into contact with a hazardous substance when eating you can easily pass it on to your mouth. Give TWO answers how you could stop this?
a. Put your protective gloves on inside out before you eat.
b. Wash your hands before eating.
c. Wear protective gloves while you are working.
d. Wash the gloves you have been wearing and put them on inside out.
e. Put barrier cream on before eating.

20. If an extension cable has a cut in its outer cover, you should do what?
a. Put a bigger fuse in the cable plug.
b. Check the copper wires do not show through the cut then use the cable.
c. Put electrical tape around the damaged area.
d. Report the fault and make sure no one else uses the cable.

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